With so many questions surrounding your big day, we took the time to answer some of the most asked questions we get here on the farm.

Q: How long do I get the venue for?

A: 9:00 am until 10:00 pm. 

Q: Do I get time for a wedding rehearsal?

A: Yes, this is included with the venue rental. You are given 4 hours on Friday.

All scheduling must be handled through the HF manager.

Q: Can I have my Wedding/Baby Shower at the farm?

A: Yes! We offer showers in the Potting Shed. Talk to HF management for details.

Q: Can I bring decorations, food items, rentals or personal event items ahead of time?

A: This all depends on the event schedule at HF.

Oftentimes it is best to bring items the day of wedding rehearsal.

Please discuss this with the HF manager.

Q: Are tables and chairs included?

A: Yes, we provide dinner seating for up to 160 guests. The property itself can accommodate up to 275 guests. 

Q: Do you have restrooms?

A: Yes, restrooms are located in two areas, the upper lot near the wedding party suites and lower lot

near the pavilion. Both contain a regular and ADA stall with hand washing stations.

Q: Does the venue come with an onsite manager for the event date?

A: Yes, an onsite manager is available.

The onsite manager is not a wedding/day of coordinator.

They are simply here in case a situation should arise.

Q: Are Event Coordinators and Wedding Planners required?

A: Yes, for weddings larger than a 100 guests, at a minimum you must have a day of coordinator to

ensure that all plans and timelines are thought out and executed to the best of their nature. 

Q: Do you allow outside catering?

A: Yes! Catering will need to be self-sufficient. We do not have a prep kitchen.

Q Do you allow food trucks?

A. Yes! 

We love food trucks, mobile bars, etc. 

The only equirement is that all carts/trailers be fully self-sufficient.

We do not provide water or power hook ups.

Q: What about candles, sparklers, fireworks, Chinese lanterns or anything combustible?

A: No, we only allow LED lighted candles, lanterns or votives

Q: Who takes care of trash?

A: We do! Placement and removal of trash bins will be taken care of by HF and is included at no charge. However, it is your responsibility to make sure all trash ends up in the bins.

Q: Bartending Service?

A: Bartending will need to be provided by a OLCC licensed, bonded and insured company.

Q: Hard Alcohol Service?

A: Beer, wine, cider, champagne are welcome along with a signature cocktail. No straight liquor shots. Ever.

Q: What is your policy on children?

A: We understand children can be traveling with family or are part of the wedding

ceremony. We request that child care arrangements are made prior to attending an event at HF. If children will be attending an event at HF, a child care plan needs to be approved and in place for the entirety of the event. 

Q: What is a typical wedding and reception timeframe?

A: Feel free to be as creative as you like on your special day!

Here is a standard outline 5 hour wedding:

30 min ceremony, 1 hour cocktail & appetizers, 45 min dinner, 15 min toast & first dances, 2 hours dancing &, traditional activities (cake, garter toss, bouquet toss), 30 min coffee & wind down.

Q: Can we have music (DJ, band, musicians)?

A: Yes! Music sound is limit to a strict decibel limit of 85 or at the discretion of HF management.

Q: Is there a sound ordinance to be observed?

A: Yes, HF Garden Project requires all music to stop playing at 9:30pm in order to maintain compliance.

Q: What is your policy on animals?

A: We only allow service animals. We ask that handlers please take care to pick up after said service animal.

Q: Is HF Garden Project ADA compliant?

A: Yes, HF Garden Project meets the requirements for ADA equipped restrooms, entrance, parking and

general access as required.

Q: Is there available Parking?

A: Yes, all weddings and events will have ample available parking.

Q: Is smoking or chewing allowed?

A: No, HF does not allow smoking of any kind, vaping, chewing or use of edibles and

strictly prohibits use of any illegal substances.

Q: Do you require special event liability insurance?

A: Yes, each event is required to carry a special events of $1,000,000 liability insurance policy. Please see

contract for full details.